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About us Services Law Useful links FAQ Contact us Russian version / Русская версия

Last update: January 01, 2006

economic services.

Agency Asiris -M will offer patent, information and economic services as follow:

will develop and realize the patent and license advertising policy of organizations and firms;

will bring up your technical ideas to the level of invention, industrial models and trademarks and will make patenting in the territory of CIS and abroad;

will protect commercial rights of patent owner and authors of invention, industrial model or trademark, will file and register license agreement to use the subjects of industrial property and know-how;

will provide information on novelty and patent infringement of inventions along with information on market and comtitive firms in any interesting for client country;

will develop and register your trademark and industrial model involving art designer while spending minimum time;

will register author's right on intellectual property, including the objects of literary, science and art;

will register rights on the software and Data Bank;

will render consultation and taxation in the field of industrial and intellectual property.

For the client's attention:

1992 become the effective date for Russian Federation Patent law which provides favourible taxation for enterprises that possess proprietary product. C-operations with Asiris-M will enable to ensure to you the preferential taxation.

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